1. free range eggs
    Our eggs come from happy, healthy free range chickens that are not given any medicated feed, hormones, or vaccinations. We only give our chickens USDA certified organic feed.
    Free Range Eggs
  2. Tamworth piglets and pork
    Our Tamworth hogs are a "bacon breed" known for their long, lean build. Our hogs are pasture raised and grain finished for optimal marbling and flavor. Please contact us for piglet or pork pricing.
    Tamworth Hogs
  3. registered pineywoods cattle
    Our cattle are grass fed and grass finished producing an all natural, quality lean beef. Please contact us for pricing.
    Pineywoods Cattle
  4. Dewey farms hats
    With the purchase of a whole pig or a half of beef, we send a free Dewey Farms hat. For those that don't want to buy the whole hog and just want a Dewey Farms hat, they are available in the three colors shown for $20 plus shipping.